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Ilya’s Gambit

Title: Ilya’s Gambit
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Age Group: Adult
Length: Novel
Status: Drafting

Ilya was born to rule the city of Sorrena in her motherโ€™s footsteps. Her entire life had been spent preparing for that destiny, until Ryszard, a sovereign from the north, conquered her city. Now Ilya is a hostage. If her mother or her people take one step out of line, it will be her head that rolls.

But Ilya isnโ€™t content to play happy captive. When a meeting of would-be rebel captives goes awry, Ilya ends up under the watchful eye of Captain Lucien, first in command of Ryszard. Rather than snuff out her spark, this ignites a plan: Seduce the captain, learn their secrets, and take them down from within.

Ilyaโ€™s plans are thrown for a loop as she unwittingly falls for Lucien and learns that he may be just as much a captive as she. To accomplish her goal without betraying the man sheโ€™s come to care for, sheโ€™ll have to win him to her side. One wrong move could spell a broken heart and continued bondage for her people, or even worse, claim her own life.