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Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey.  Those are the words that inspire me daily as I adapt to my new life in the mountains and pursue my dream of becoming a published author.  I hope you’ll follow me on this adventure.


Writer In Motion: The Final Draft

After one month of drafting and revisions, we’ve reached our climactic conclusion! The end of this #WriterInMotion session fills me with an assortment of emotions.…


Writer in Motion: The Third Draft

This week we received feedback from CPs (critique partners) to help us further strength our drafts. Huge thank you to Sheryl Stein, Susan Burdorf, and K.J.…


Writer in Motion: The Self-edited Draft

Last week I shared the completely unedited first draft of my short story, typos, misspellings, and all. This week I’m thrilled to share the self-edited…


Writer In Motion: The First Draft

As a quick reminder, #WriterInMotion is an event where authors are taking a short story from prompt to polished and showing all their steps along…